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Can I Return An Item For A Refund?

Shop The Docks posted this on Jul 15, 2015

The Process:

Do You Qualify?

Verify you qualify to return your item:

* Within 30 days from the date you received your order.

* Item is in new condition with the original packaging and tags (if you still have them).

* USA only. Sorry we do not offer returns for international orders.

* All Items qualify EXCEPT earrings, soaps, lotions.

Return your item to:

Shop The Docks

822 Dodecanese Blvd

Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

What You Do:

* Include a copy of your packing slip so we can reference the order number.

* Ship your return to the above address.

* You pay to ship the return to us.

* Postal Service is normally the cheapest way to ship to us.

* Retain the tracking number you receive for the package you are shipping to us.

What We Do:

* When your package arrives to us we will process it within 1-3 business days.

* We will inspect the item to verify it is in new condition, if so, then we will continue with the refund.

* We will issue a full refund for items returned excluding shipping you paid when you placed the order.

Note: Items returned in used condition will not be refunded or returned to you unless

you would like to pay for the shipping to get the item back.

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