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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Paula Fleet
      Never Received

      I ordered, got email saying package was shipped. A week later it was still in the same place it started. I NEVER received my shoes. Thank God I paid with paypal so I could atleast get my money back.

      Sorry Paula,
      We tried to locate the sandals in our stores as our inventory was incorrect and we did not have the sandal. We issued a full refund and had sent you an email explaining this.
      Joe - Shop The Docks

      Lisa Harper
      The Shoes broke

      I Usually never have a problem with all the shoes I order from you but this pair broke when I was putting them on.. One of the rivets on the side wasn't connected right...

      Adorable, received them quickly.

      They are cute and comfy. I wear 1/2 size so I order them a bigger size as suggested and they fit perfect. Shipping is quick a great company to buy from. I'll be back.