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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 87 reviews
      Carla Williamson
      Not like before

      Bought an identical pair years ago (same brand, style, and size) loved it. This pair came smaller and the texture inside the shoe is rough. Lastly, it makes a noise when you walk like it's releasing air. Would not recommend. Disappointed......

      Californian lady
      Very comfortable

      Excellent for wearing at home and out
      Waterproof too
      Great arch support
      Wish these were still available in black color too

      Marian Feller

      Sorry to say I had to send the sandals back. Had 2 pair and loved them. These were too small and the size I needed were out and the note said when these are gone they will no longer be available. Sorry to say none of the newer styles appealed to me. Shipping was very promt though.

      Kristin Seymour
      Love them

      I love these sandals! I found them years ago at the Wagon Wheel Flea Market while visiting my parents in Florida. I have been trying to find them ever since! I’m so happy to have them back!! They fit great, they are comfortable, I can wear them inside and out and to the beach, in the water! I love them!

      Ethel Andrzejewski
      they last a long time

      had a pair that lasted 15 + years. that is why i ordered 2 pair because you said they were being discontinued.