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      Shared reviews about our products and us.  Our reviews are all from verified buyers.  We hope to see your review here soon.  Remember we always offer free shipping and quantity discounts.  Shoppers Club members always receive 15% off.
      Based on 4158 reviews

      Arrived fast - perfect! This is my second pair of these. I bought the first pair in 2006. Even though the sole is now worn down, I still took them on vacation recently since they are my favorites ever. So happy to have another pair!

      Salt Life Palm Tree Decal

      Absolutely love the decal. Perfect size on my SUV. I had it before on my other car.


      Love the shoes but unfortunately they broke on first wearing. Kept the bead and am trying to fix. But they're beautiful.

      Love my Salt Life decal

      This Salt Life decal is a must have. I bought my first one at a little shop at the beach and I traded that vehicle in and wanted a new decal for my new vehicle. I found Shop the Docks online and found the same decal and ordered it right away. It was delivered quickly and on my new vehicle now. This decal stays on your window very securely and does not peel up. I will buy more of this brand because it is a great product.


      GREAT !!!!!!!


      As soon as I tried them on right out of the box they fit like a glove. Super comfortable. very flexible

      Not like before

      Bought an identical pair years ago (same brand, style, and size) loved it. This pair came smaller and the texture inside the shoe is rough. Lastly, it makes a noise when you walk like it's releasing air. Would not recommend. Disappointed......

      Very comfortable

      Excellent for wearing at home and out
      Waterproof too
      Great arch support
      Wish these were still available in black color too

      Beautifully made

      This ring is worn as a tribute to a lost child who loved the sea. It fits true to size and feels great on my finger. It doesn’t snag or catch on things like other anchor rings I’ve owned. I highly recommend this piece.

      I love these sandals and have been wearing the same style for over seven years. I first bought them in Panama and was pleased when I found them at Shop The Docks. I hope you will always keep them in stock.

      Love these sandals

      Not sure what I would do if they stopped making my favorite sandals ... thank you for having them in stock

      The most comfortable sandal

      Imagine my angst when my puppy chewed my sandals to unwearable! That I was able to find them was thrilling only to find out they weren’t renewing So I bought 2 and will watch them like a Hawk from now on.


      Sorry to say I had to send the sandals back. Had 2 pair and loved them. These were too small and the size I needed were out and the note said when these are gone they will no longer be available. Sorry to say none of the newer styles appealed to me. Shipping was very promt though.

      Fits big heads!

      I wear a 7&3/4" Baseball cap and needed a Big, "One Size Fits All" Boonie Hat. It's a little tight when I pull it down but it stays on while steering the boat. Great quality, sun protection and value for the money!

      Nice Cap!

      Love the color and very comfortable.

      love these sandals!!!!

      this must be my 10 th pair of these sandals!!! just love them!!!

      My favorite shorts for me

      I live in Florida. I wear shorts all year except when I'm running power equipment. I'm an active boater and fisherman. They're durable, hold up to the sun very well, do not stain easily, dry fast, pockets don't rip, buttons don't break , and extremely comfortable with a stretchy waist band. I'm not svelte anymore at 68. I do not buy shorts for how they look, although my wife says they look 'fine'. These shorts are my favorite by far.

      Thoroughly pleased

      Awesome, loved both hats I got, easy to purchase with online website and tracking items after purchasing was a fast and easy process. Plus they came earlier than initially stated so was extremely happy about that.

      Egyptian musk

      I love the scent . I bought this when I was visiting Tarpon Springs and so glad I can purchase it online.

      Husband loves this brand !

      They are his favorite & the price is awesome also !

      Nylons n Bimini bay shorts

      Awesome shorts. Fit well. Wear forever. Over 10 years on last purchase. Fastest shipping !!!

      Good experience

      Shipped quickly, merchandise as described.

      Pali Hawaii Unisex PH 119 Slide Sandal

      Why oh why did they stop making /selling these sandals???
      Love them ! Need them ! And now can't get them!!!

      Love them

      I love these sandals! I found them years ago at the Wagon Wheel Flea Market while visiting my parents in Florida. I have been trying to find them ever since! I’m so happy to have them back!! They fit great, they are comfortable, I can wear them inside and out and to the beach, in the water! I love them!

      Great shorts

      As advertised!